A revolution in political messaging and on-the-ground tactical deployment can help Democrats win the 2022 midterms despite historic trends favoring Republicans. STRIKE PAC co-founder Dr. Rachel Bitecofer delivered that positive news during a “We’re Speaking” episode of Lincoln Project TV. 

“We can absolutely win,” Bitecofer told co-hosts Lisa Senecal and Maya May. “If we just replicate 2018, we would hold the House and the Senate. We know we can do that because we’ve already done it.”

To win, Democrats need to inspire and motivate their voters who turned out in 2018 to show up in 2022 — especially younger voters and left-leaning independents. That requires messaging that connects at the gut level, she said, making voters fearful of the consequences of a Republican takeover of the House and/or Senate.

The Republican Party today, she said, is a “hot mess” that’s toying dangerously with “budding fascism.”

Watch the full interview here.

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